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Spam or junk mail can also form the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including broadcast media and digital delivery systems) to send news of advertising and other necessities in bulk. Generally, spam featuring news in a barrage of unsolicited and often unwanted by the recipient. In the end, spam can cause inconvenience for the users of the website. People who create electronic spam are called spammers.

Recognized form of spam which generally include: spam e-mails, instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam information (web search engine spam), spam blogs, wiki spam, online classified ads spam, social networking spam.

Some other examples of spam, namely e-mail advertisements, a letter was a brief period (SMS) on mobile phones, the news in a news group forum contains promotional items that are not related to the news group, which controls spamdexing a search engine (search engine ) to seek popularity for a particular URL, the news is not useful and entry in the blog, web site guest book, spam fax transmissions, television advertising and spam the network share.
Spam sent by the advertiser with a very low operating costs, because it does not require spam list (mailing list) to reach the desired customers. Because barriers to entry are low, so many spammers that appear and the number of unsolicited messages to be very high. As a result, many of the injured party. Besides users of the Internet itself, ISPs (Internet Service Provider or Internet Service Provider), and the general public also feel uncomfortable. Spam is often disturbing and sometimes deceive the recipient. News of spam including the unlawful activity and is a criminal act that can be dealt with through the Internet law.

A simple example of SPAM:
- By email: Sometimes we receive emails that we do not want in the Inbox that contains the ads that the sender not clear,
- On the blog, we find ad links on the comment and the links that tell the owner of the blog / person who reads it towards the link, so the repairman SPAM is simply not responding to "the content of our writing" (outrageous right?)
- In the ShoutBox, Just tell us the strange links, and the repairman SPAM does not show his true identity ...

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