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I am old enough to know there is software that he said couldincrease the capacity of flash, which was originally a 1 GB to 1 GB.Starting from a posting on many blogs, announced there any software that has these capabilities, along with the download link.You interested? Want to download as well? Better not.

I like to laugh after reading the post, with no disrespect, I just want to straighten. Logically, it is not possible to increase the actual capacity of the flash, because the capacity associated with the hardware in it. To increase capacity, it must be changed in the flash device (buy a new flash with the desired capacity).

If only limited change the properties that appear, possibly could.Initially 1 GB to 2 GB. For example, the flash that has been"transformed" is already showing properties 2GB capacity, but once filled, its contents remain 1 GB. Excess capacity of 1 GB inproperties can not be filled, because the flash is being used onlyhas a capacity of 1 GB. Or the software just multiply the capacityto 2 times. Capacity of 1 GB to 2 GB, but the data that we insertinto it also multiplied by 2. Well, it still only 1 GB capacity.

Do not be attracted to things that are too tempting (hyperbolic),because usually such a disappointment. It could be the software is malware, causing malfunctions of the device. Having usedinstead of your flash capacity increases, even to make you have to buy a new flash.

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