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Hello, today I will discuss about the various Opera Mini. From the first until now, it goes without strings attached anymore.

1. Opera Mini

All must know with Opera Mini, so its speed and its ability to surf the World Maya very quickly in a mobile phone. This application is very helpful to me while browsing and downloading if you want to download it, just click official website. Well for my version of the handlers were already collected in accordance with their respective versions, please select below • Opera Mini 4.2 Handler

2. Opera Mini Kong Zhong

 In 2009, the application is in the release and Opera Party Same with Server kongnet work, but unfortunately this application there is only one version that is on the version of Opera Mini 4.2, the Kongnet add multi-tab feature in this application, see the following details:
Even so the rise of this cooperation, in the performing arts held: r

Unfortunately, Opera Mini has only one language, which must have their local language: y, to download please on the official website, for which handlers must exist, and already translate into English, to download click here below

3. Opera Mini Mod

  If this one must have known all, Yups in terms of features the look and speed of this application be in the count, can say this application has more features than 1, the purpose is not only able to download and browsing, but also has a file manager, music player, Even the Video Player. I was also surprised since the existence of this application, the application is actually more than the first of the number 2, because since the time of Opera Mini was small there, too many versions ranging from Test 1-16, 1-3 RC, RTM (Final ), Continuous maturing into a 4:21 version of the well now this is Beta version 4:21 14 ckckck. yes great Team DG-SC, the spirit continues to see news updates can visit the Now for the handlers, just take my collection have in my file is here

4. Opera Mini Vodafone

  If at No. 3 last win on the shape and this time, Opera Mini, I give the title Vodafone has the most Speedial. Generally the usual Opera Mini only has 9 speedial, and even then can not bargain, but this one has 30 speedial I wrote gunainnya confused, well to mendowonload original version can be directly Create a Handler has been traveling to and fro I just found the following: L

Now to update my blog you can disassemble it: s 

5. Opera Mini Oupeng

One more Opera Mini comes from china, yes I think it makes no difference propagators in terms of any changes, to more clearly and I have instilled the download link HERE

6. Opera Mini Yandex
Opera is really nothing special about it as well as with Opera Mini in cooperation with Telkomsel Party, it's just that there are links Russian For more details read here.
To download it directly here could
Now that my handlers were only found one, download it Here


Well, it's just that I find if there are more parties working together I'll tell him again, this yes please post the results of my own
Cour: ...

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