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Based on the large Indonesian dictionary which was published Balaipustaka 'dhikr'can mean "to remember and refer to again and again the name and nature of themajesty of AllahTo avoid a wrong understanding and implementation is necessary to add the words "In accordance with provisions of Sharia and has dicontohakan byRosululloh saw . "this is important because Islam has rules (Al-Quran and as-Sunnaor commonly referred to sharia lawin the implementation of all worship to Him.

"O ye who believe, remember Allah with much remembrance(Surah: to-33 /Al-Ahzaab: 41)

Dhikr Besides there are words that have a meaning very close to the remembranceof 'beads' which means "Praise-Pijian to Allah and say (repeatedly mentioned)Subhanalloh ...", was the word 'glorify' means "praise, praise to Allah "'be ye ~(glorify / dhikr~ in the morning and evening'.
"... .. and the praises of your Lord before sunrise and before sunset "And at nightglorify Him, and after prostrating (prayer) "(QS: to-50 / Qoof39-40)

Ibn al-Qoyyim rahimahullah said that dhikr has seventy-three benefits are:1. Cast out demons and make it disappointed.2. Making God's pleasure.3. Eliminate sadness, and anxiety of the human heart.4. Happy and enlarges the heart.5. Strengthens the heart and body.6. Illuminated face and heart.7. Open the land provision.8. Adorn the dhikr with authority clothes, liked and loved man.9. Birth of love.10. Lifts man to the rank of ihsan.11. Inabah birth, wants to return to God.12. People who are close to the dhikr of Allah.13. Opening all the doors of science.14. Helping someone feel the greatness of God.15. Making a servant of God called side.16. Turning hearts.17. Being the heart and soul food.18. Cleaning the liver of impurities.19. Clean of sin.20. Making the soul closer to God.21. Helping servant when lonely.22. The voice of people who dhikr known in the highest heavens.23. Rescuer from the Wrath of Allah.24. Bringing tranquility.25. Keep the tongue from speaking forbidden.26. Majlis majlis dhikr is an angel.27. Getting the blessing of God anywhere.28. Not going to lose and regret on the Day of Resurrection.29. Under the auspices of Allah on the Day of Resurrection.30. Received the most precious gift.31. Dhikr is the worship of the most Afdhal.32. Dhikr is a paradise of flowers and trees.33. Received kindness and infinite grace.34. There would be remiss of self and God was not melalaikannya.35. Stored in the devotions of pleasure paradise.36. Preceding a servant in all circumstances and conditions.37. Dhikr is the light in the world and ahirat.38. Dhikr as a door to God.39. Dhikr is a source of strength of the heart and soul glory.40. Dhikr is unifying the hearts of believers and enemies of God's heart-breaking.41. Closer to ahirat and distanced from the world.42. Makes the heart is always awake.43. Dhikr is a tree ma'rifat and righteous lifestyle.44. Allah's reward equal to berinfak and jihad in Allah.45. Dhikr is the base of gratitude to god.46. Closer to the soul of a servant to God.47. Soften the heart.48. Being a heart medication.49. Dhikr as a capital base for the love of God.50. Reveling and refused reinforcements.51. God and the angel said to pedzikir shalawat.52. Majlis dhikr is a garden paradise.53. Allah boasts the pedzikir to the angels.54. People who go to heaven in a state of dhikr smile.55. Dhikr is a priority goal of the obligation to worship.56. All goodness is in the dhikr.57. Perpetuate the remembrance can replace tathawwu worship '.58. Dhikr charity helping to obedience.59. Relieve the weight and simplify the complicated part.60. Eliminate fear and create peace of mind.61. Giving the body strength.62. Reject indigence.63. Pedzikir who earlier met with God.64. Pedzikir not be raised with the liars.65. By remembering the houses built heaven, and paradise gardens planted with vegetation dhikr.66. Barrier between the servant and jahannam.67. Angels ask forgiveness for those who dhikr.68. Mountains and the expanse of the earth rejoice with the people who dhikr.69. Cleaning the hypocritical nature.70. Providing unparalleled pleasure.71. Pedzikir face the world and shines most brightly in ahirat.72. Dhikr add witness to a servant in ahirat.73. Turning someone from baatil discuss.... It's remarkable benefits. but people will not be convinced by the benefits above but who have tasted and enjoyed it ... .. Let's try to start from now

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