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Often when we're fun Browsing and surfing ria error message appears that we do not like. Actually It is still categorized Reasonable Due influenced by several factors. You Need to Know what the cause and meaning of these error messages. The following are factors and the meaning of error messages when you access the Internet.

500 - Internal Server ErrorThe above error message is defined as a problem or an internal server error in the site so you can not access the site in question, as long as the site administrator kesalaahan message is not correct.

404 - Not FoundYou some things that cause the above error messages appear:* The data in the database already exists, but has been deleted or removed from the database server.* There is Internet access disruption or down* If your Internet access still fails, then it is likely that page does not exist* An error occurred writing the URL address
400 - Bad RequestThe error message is experienced by a server who can not understand a command from the client. The cause is generally a coding error in the server script, so that only the server administrator who can handle it.
403 - ForbiddenThe error message has two reasons:* Indicates that the page is accessed the site Not achieved because it has been arranged so the server.* Owner or owner of the site has not been paying rent to the company hosting the server owners, resulting in blocking of the company's servers.
408 - Request TimeoutThis message has the excuse that the timer or the time to access the site had expired. This was caused by the Internet access speed is quite slow, and the server usually has a timer or a certain time limit in accessing the data in its database.
401 - UnauthorizedThe error message means that the user does not have authority or permission to access the web page. Usually the sites are a security username and password, so you must know the username and password that site.

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