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One day, I was intending to test a variety of flash disk friends, to see the speed of read and write it after searching the internet, I get a shareware which can be used to measure the speed of read and write the UFD (USB Flash Disk). Shareware is the Flash Memory Toolkit can be downloaded here: Download here

Flash Memory Toolkit consists of a range of facilities that are very useful for flash memory, which is to find out information about flash memory, data backup, restore lost files, and measure the performance of flash memory. Finally, the File Facility Benchmarkadalah facilities that we will use to measure the performance of flash memory this time.

Here's the results:

For comparison, my old Kingston U3 has only just read speed of about 11MB / s and write speeds around 4MB / s.

What about your UFD? Let's test results to be caught sharingkan where UFD is the fastest performance in reading and writing files. So you can create a plan to buy a new flash.

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