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How to Take ScreenShot Page Website or Blog - To capture ScreenShot how many start with the manual method using the print screen dombol then put it in Paint and uploaded to the hosting images to use automated software ScreenShot like VVCap.
How to Take ScreenShot Page Website or Blog

But when we use a manual or automatic means we can not take ScreenShot Full page website or blog. Maximum we can take the appropriate screen resolution PC / Laptop you. We could have made a full web page / blog using manual or automated means such as VVCap with records you should incorporate some of these screenshots using photo editing software.

Then I think if there are other ways to be in one ScreenShot is a whole page can include your website / blog. Apparently there are so many that I can apply, ranging from websites that provide facilities screenshots page website / blog by entering your blog or website url to the form of add-ons and software.

Firefox add-ons to make ScreenShot Full Page Website or Blog

On post How To Take ScreenShot Website or Blog this page is my focus for the Firefox Add-ons that allow you to take full page screenshots of a website / blog.
how to take screenshots of web pages or blogs How to Take a ScreenShot or BlogScreengrab Page Website!

Yes, Screengrab! firefox add-ons are used to take a screenshot of the page of a website or blog.
How to Use the Screengrab!

    * You install it first Screengrab!.
    * Then restart your Firefox.
    * Please select a web page / blog will you take a screenshot of it.
    * Right click and select Screengrab!
    * Select and Select Complate Save Page / Frame.
    * Find a storage location and click Save.

Here's how to use Screengrab Firefox Add-ons to take ScreenShot website or blog in whole or in full.

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